Looks Like Human Rights Violations; Where’s Amnesty International?

CNN.com – U.S.: Iraq not letting Red Cross visit POWs – Mar. 30, 2003

Iraq still has not let the International Committee of the Red Cross visit U.S. prisoners of war, Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Sunday.
“We would hope that the Iraqi regime would do the honorable and the right thing and allow the International Committee of the Red Cross in to visit these prisoners of war,” Myers said on CNN’s “Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer.”
“That’s their obligation. They said they were going to do it, and we just hope they follow through.”
The United States has agreed to let the Red Cross visit more than 4,000 Iraqi POWs, Myers said. He said the Red Cross wanted to wait until conditions are more secure. He said he did not know whether the visits had taken place yet.
“I think they have probably been inside,” he said.
Before the war started, Iraq said the Red Cross would be allowed to visit any POWs, he said. He said the Red Cross has a long history of visiting POWs in Iraq.