What If We Just Went Without The Oil?

As for those who are expressing the opinion that this war is about Oil. My reply is, so what?
Do you think that the Iraqis and the world in general would be better off if we used our military might to ensure that the oil staid in the ground? Why would it be a good thing for the United States to grind to a halt, for businesses to fail, for millions of people to be unemployed? Do you think those closed businesses would have much use for software engineers or that colleges with no enrollment would hire professors? Do you think that people in apartment blocks would suddenly start growing food on their non-existant balconies?
No oil? you’re not talking about peace, love and bunny rabbits, you’re talking of hunger, riots and a total breakdown of civil society. Do you think that you would somehow be exempt? That everything would be the same but for happy people riding their bicycles and recycling their waste? I don’t think you have ever really considered it.
The result woudn’t be paradise; it would be Hell.