Saddam’s War Crimes

Antiwar shitheads seem to always be talking about U.S. “War Crimes” committed in the invasion of Iraq. The Washington Post has an editorial which contains the following; a listing of Iraqi war crimes. Remember, these are crimes committed in just one case.War Crimes (

A tour of the dictator’s latest war crimes might well start in Nasiriyah, where U.S. Marines this week found Iraqi paramilitary fighters headquartered in a hospital. There they had stationed a tank, stored weapons and laid in a supply of 3,000 protective suits for use against chemical or biological weapons. From their hospital base — war crime No. 1 — Iraqis disguised in civilian clothes or carrying white flags — war crime No. 2 — attacked U.S. positions. They forced Iraqi civilians to act as scouts and human shields — war crime No. 3 — before inviting Arab television crews to film the resulting dead and wounded. Their greatest success was the ambush of a wayward U.S. supply convoy, during which they appear to have executed several American prisoners — war crime No. 4 — before broadcasting an interrogation of others on state television — war crime No. 5.