A Little PC Censorship?

About 30 min ago I was on my way home from the store and was listening to The Phil Hendrie Show on KUGN out of Eugene, Or. Since the beginning of the war Phil has abandoned his usual schtick of “guests” claiming something or another that is totally outrageous and treating them as if they were real. He has been doing pretty much straight reporting and commentary. He is definitely not antiwar.
Today he was commenting on the Palestinians and how they are supporting Iraq against the Americans and British. He was giving Chairman for life Yasser Arafat the rough side of his tongue when suddenly the broadcast cut out in mid-word. There was a pause, then the program continued. But now it was one of those pre-war shows with a “guest” that claimed that he was not bald because he had a hairpiece.
I know Eugene is trying to supplant Berkeley as the center of all things Politically Correct, but is this the way?