A Brilliant Propaganda Piece In The Washington Post.

A Boy Who Was ‘Like a Flower’ (washingtonpost.com)

Whoever caused the explosion, the residents assigned blame to the United States, insisting that without a war, they would be safe. “Who else could be responsible except the Americans?” asked Mohsin Hattab, a 32-year-old uncle of Daif.
“This war is evil. It’s an unjust war,” said Imad Hussein, a driver and uncle of Hassan. “They have no right to make war against us. Until now, we were sitting in our homes, comfortable and safe

The new media makes much of their supposed “impartiality”, the fiction that they just report what is happening.
This piece is as good a bit of Iraqi propaganda as anything in the Baghdad newspapers. Notice that we are supposed to accept that there were no “minders” present, but a reporter for an American newspaper was. Notice too the support for Saddam. Hey, “we were sitting in our homes, comfortable and safe”, nope, no one here except us chickens. True not everyone in Iraq has been victims of Saddam’s brutality, some participated, some just turned a blind eye and enabled.
No equivocation in the Washington Post though. Whatever comes from the American government is examined with suspicion and whatever comes from Baghdad is accepted without question.