Stupid Arguments.

I was listening to the radio this afternoon, I don’t know exactly what show I was listening to, but it really doesn’t matter. It was a round-table discussion of the war in Iraq and whether it was justified. It amazes me that with what has already been uncovered, the torture chambers, the children’s prisons, the mass graves, that this debate is still going on, but that’s another matter.
One of the panelists maintained that if weapons of mass destruction were not found, and soon, the entire premise of the war should be found to be illegal and the President and his staff should be prosecuted. That is a stupid statement right there, but it is another one one that has been discussed elsewhere.
He made the obligatory statement about Saddam being a bad man and that the Iraqi people are better off, but he then made a statement that I have to consider one of the stupidest of a host of stupid remarks that have been made about this war. He said that, we had no business invading Iraq just because Saddam was a vicious tyrant that abused his own people. His reasoning was, as he stated, there are many countries in the world that have oppressive governments, if we are not prepared to invade them all, we should not invade any.
I find this incredible. This man is stating that any help we provide for anyone must be provided to everybody. Do you think that he of the opinion that because we cannot help all poor people we must not help any? How about sick people? If we cannot help the terminal cancer patient, then we must not help the pneumonia patient? Gosh, I guess we can get rid of a whole bunch of well-meaning programs because they don’t help everybody If I was a writer like Lileks, I could do a riff on this that would leave you ready to hunt down and string up this fool…or at least severely embarrass him, but I’m not, so I won’t. If you want Lileks, go to Lileks, other wise you’re stuck with me.
This is just one of the many stupid statements that are being thrown around, mostly by people who oppose the war. Others have pointed out the whole “crushing of dissent” stupid statements so I won’t go there either.