So Who Is More Credible, U.S Soldiers Or Saddam Supporters?

Troops Kill Anti-U.S. Protesters (

U.S. forces stationed at an elementary school opened fire on an angry mob protesting the American presence here after several demonstrators began shooting at soldiers guarding the building, U.S. officers said today. Local officials said 13 Iraqis were killed and as many as 75 wounded in the shooting Monday night, making it the bloodiest clash between civilians and U.S. forces in postwar Iraq.

Two injured demonstrators and three men who live across the street and viewed the confrontation said the participants were unarmed and were complaining only about the U.S. occupation of the school. But three other witnesses said several of the protesters were shouting slogans in support of former president Saddam Hussein and firing assault rifles into the air in defiance of U.S. orders.

Well, you know who the press will believe. The pro-Saddam thugs, of course.