Does This Justify The War? Probably Not To Some.

Mass grave found in north Iraq [03jun03]

A MASS grave containing the remains of 200 Kurdish children has been discovered in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk, the Kurdish newspaper Taakhi reported today.
“Citizens discovered on May 30 a communal grave close to Debs, in Kirkuk. But this is different from other mass graves discovered since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s terrorist regime because it contains the remains of 200 child victims of the repression of the Kurdish uprising” in 1991, the paper said.
“Even dolls were buried with the children,” it said.
Dozens of mass graves have been uncovered all over Iraq since Saddam’s ouster by invading US-led forces on April 9.

Probably not if you are one of the “peace” crowd. According to them, the war was not justified unless WMD are found, and for some, not even then.
Our anti-war crowd are actually the worst kind of bigots. As long as the people being killed are not Americans or westerners, they see no reason to interfere. Let the bodies pile up, as long as they are black or brown, pay no attention to those that are slaughtering their own people, after all, they are their own people. The peace movement sees all the third world people as somehow being owned by their leaders. It is of no consequence if they’re killed, they’re not the same as us, they’re wogs or gooks or niggers, but the peace activists will never speak those words. They think that by not speaking the words but allowing the actions they are somehow magically absolved from responsibility.
There’s a famous quotation that goes “The only thing that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”, that is the course that is being urged, to do nothing, to shut our eyes and pretend that it is only happening because there are no signatures on documents, as if written words alone could change human behavior. The “peace” advocates advocate for the peace of the grave, the surrender that will only lead to death. In the song “Imagine” which has become somewhat of a hymn of the peace movement there is a line, “Imagine nothing to kill or die for.” well, imagine nothing to live for.