More Democrat Whining

Which Companies Will Put Iraq Back Together?

{G]overnment contract officers, …plan to give American companies the first contracts to rebuild Iraq, a task that experts say could eventually cost $25 billion to $100 billion. It would be the largest postwar rebuilding since the Marshall Plan in Europe after World War II.

That comparison is being made at every opportunity by Bush administration officials, who emphasize American generosity and farsightedness. But the government’s decision to invite only American corporations to bid on these contracts has added to the profound international divisions that already surround the war.

Democrats are upset because this would unfairly benefit “the rich”. It would also prevent contracts from going tocompanies favored by the Democrats, such as state owned Cuban construction companies and the Bin Laden Group.

High Democratic Party officials also decried the contracts, saying that it would help the economy while Bush is President, unfairly robbing the Democrats of a campaign issue. “It’s bad enough that under the campaign finance law we passed, the Republicans are receiving four times as much in contributions, but with a successful war in Iraq and recovering economy, he would become unbeatable.”