The Washington Post, The Democrat’s Loyal Partner.

GOP’s Power Play

Nearly 10 years after winning control of the House by vowing a fairer and more open Congress, Republicans have tossed aside many of the institutional reforms they promised, increasingly employing hard-nosed tactics they decried a decade ago, according to numerous lawmakers and scholars.

And just who are these unnamed “lawmaker and scholars”? Lawmakers, I can understand. They are Democrats, of course, otherwise the lead paragraph would reference REPUBLICAN lawmakers so as to make the Republicans appear even worse.

But “scholars”? What the hell do “scholars” have to do with the way Congress operates?

If you look at the academic landscape you will notice that in most “scholars” worlds, minorities must be treated with extra respect and even admiration, not for any achievement, but for their skin color. Free speech on campuses is a joke. At Cal Poly, one student is being threatened with expulsion because he tried to post a notice of a talk by a black conservative. Definitely not someone who merits free speech protection.

Democrats are staging protests over what they call unfair treatment, hoping to build a political campaign around it — much as Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), Hastert and DeLay did when they spearheaded their party’s 1994 takeover of the House after 40 years of Democratic control.

Republicans have “shut out the minority, shut ’em down and shut ’em up,” Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) said. “It could end up hurting them” as it hurt Democrats a decade ago, he said. “We will develop a theme around that.”

With the Democrat’s ability to have the “mainstream” press cover their every little complaint, while questioning every Republican statement, it will probably start to gain traction.

As the Democrats have shown in their criticism of the Iraq war, if you can get the press to repeat something often enough, even if it flies in the face of the facts, people will start to believe.