The Nevada Supreme Court Again

The fix was in

I had lunch with a retired Nevada judge back on July 1. He told me the reason Kenny Guinn and Richard Perkins and that double-dipping professor Dina Titus and the rest of the big-spending gang had been so intransigent — not even willing to accept the $760 million tax hike Minority Leader Lynn Hettrick foolishly offered as a compromise, just a hair shy of the $860 million they were seeking — was: “The fix is in. Guinn went to (Justice Bob) Rose and (Justice Miriam) Shearing on the Supreme Court some time ago and got their agreement that they’ll impose the tax hikes. (Justice Deborah) Agosti is wavering, but it’ll probably be 6-to-1.”

This should surprise no one, evidently the Justices of the Nevada Supreme Court don’t think much of the First Amendment either. — News: Letter demands newspaper retract statements

The Review-Journal received a letter Friday demanding that the newspaper retract statements made in an opinion column about three Nevada Supreme Court justices.

Seems the Justices don’t like to have their decisions questioned by a free press. This being Nevada I’ll give you 3 – 7 that they find a way to establish a religion too.

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