Cops Fail To Kiss Student Athlete’s Ass. ACLU On The Case.

This story was on the front page of my local paper, showing how great things are in Oregon. Things must be great, to waste paper on this story.

Corvallis police defend race report

At 6-foot-2 and 317 pounds, David Lose looks the part of a lineman on Oregon State University’s football team.

Lose said, he was stopped by police while riding his bicycle at night without a light. The officer explained the violation to him, but his tone seemed to carry a threat.

I see, the hick townie cop was insufficiently deferential to the BMOC football player. Didn’t he realize Lose’s importance?

Lose, who is Tongan, said the dark color of his skin has made him a target of police harassment. He’s been pulled over so many times by officers in the past four years that he decided to stop driving. Encounters with police often escalate to verbal arguments, he said.

It couldn’t have anything to do with Lose’s attitude could it?

I have lived all over the world and I can tell you that American cops are the least racist and have the best attitudes toward others of any police I have dealt with.

Go anywhere in South America, Africa or Asia and mouth off to a cop, then tell me what their reactions were. After you get out of the hospital, of course.

I live about 6 miles from Corvallis. I have had dealings with Corvallis cops. I have worked with Corvallis cops. They are very patient and long-suffering with the various self-important personalities they deal with at OSU.

I think what we have here is a loud-mouthed, puffed up college athlete of no particular talent. (I haven’t previously heard of him and nothing comes up on google.) He is not deferred to by the local cops and he feels that he is not being treated with the respect and adulation that he deserves as an athlete.

The ACLU is so bereft of cases of actual discrimination that they have to try to gin some up by massaging statistics. Would the ACLU go to bat for a White that was treated badly by a “person of color”? Hasn’t happened yet.

I ‘feel” that the main targets of the ACLU are “white” people and institutions. Shouldn’t they be required to keep records of who they talk to, what color they are and carry tape recorders in order to insure they are not speaking in any way that is insufficiently deferential.