The “Good Old Days”

An Uncivil Action: The High Costs of Rising Incivility on Capitol Hill

“There was a great deal of civility when Bob Michel was in the minority and Democrats were in the majority,” said Grover G. Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative advocacy group. “Every day Bob Michel got up and lost and didn’t mind, and the Democrats won and they didn’t mind.

Things were sooo much more civil when the Democrats had absolute control. In those days, the Republicans could complain, but the New York Times could just ignore them with no recrimination.

Nowadays, you have a more even split in Congress, that and things like Fox News make the absolute control that the Democrats enjoyed impossible.

But that doesn’t stop the DNC controlled NYT from pining for the civility of yesteryear when presumably, the trains ran on time too.