Nukes Sold To Everyone BUT Iraq.

Pakistanis Exploited Nuclear Network (

KARACHI, Pakistan, Jan. 27 — Pakistani investigators have concluded that two senior nuclear scientists used a network of middlemen operating a black market to supply nuclear weapons technology to Iran and Libya, according to three senior Pakistani intelligence officials.

Abdul Qadeer Khan, considered the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, and Mohammed Farooq provided the help — including blueprints for equipment used to enrich uranium — both directly and through a black market based in the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai, the officials said.
The middlemen, from South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and elsewhere, allegedly also offered the Pakistani scientists’ services to Syria and Iraq. But the deals apparently never materialized, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

So, we’re supposed to believe that Abdul Qadeer Khan sold nuclear technology to North Korea and Libya but not Iraq and Syria? How much sense does that make?

This story doesn’t pass the smell test.