Poor Bus.

Suicide Bombing Destroys Jerusalem Bus (washingtonpost.com)

JERUSALEM, Jan. 29 — At least 10 people died in Jerusalem Thursday morning when a suicide bomber blew up a packed rush-hour bus near the official residence of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The explosion wounded at least 50 people, many of them passersby.

Judging from the headline, the major concern that the Post has is for the bus. When you read the story, you find out that 10 people were killed. Once again the textbook response whenever there is any movement toward a settlement. Bombs and killing. This is the only response that the Palestinians will ever give.

Israel know that negotiation is futile, but has not lost their humanity as the Palestinians have.

Israeli national police spokesman Gil Kleiman said there have been 28 suicide bombing incidents in Jerusalem since the Intifada uprising began in September 2000. They have left 152 dead and 1,152 wounded.

Jonathan Peled, a spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry said the bombing would not interfere with the prisoner exchange. “We are releasing another 400 Palestinians with a very heavy heart because we know these 400 Palestinians are going to return very quickly to the cycle of terrorism,” he said.

“Our objective was and still is to bring all our boys back home even if the price we pay is very high.”

The Israelis continue to hope. The Palestinians continue to kill. This will continue until the day that the Israelis give in to the Palestinians and are all killed; or the Israelis give up hope and destroy the Palestinians.

I think that on balance, the Palestinians had better hope the Israelis do not give up hope. That would be the end of the Palestinians.