He Ain’t Called Weasly For Nothin’

Clark, the Four-Star Businessman (washingtonpost.com)

Clark’s lobbying was one of many business activities that, by his account, boosted his income almost 20-fold in the 42 months between his resignation from the Army and the start of his presidential campaign last September. An examination of those activities, including interviews with business associates and a review of public and private documents, shows that although Clark spent only 51/2 years of his adult life in Washington, he made some of the money in a time-honored way in the capital — by trading on his name.

While Weasly Clark was in the Army, he gained the reputation for looking out for himself first.

When he left the Army, he parlayed the connections he had made into millions. Isn’t this the “revolving door” that Democrats so love to whine about? At least until it’s their turn to cash in?

He took care of himself first in the Army. He took care of himself first as a Lobbyist. Who do you think he will take care of as a politician?

4 thoughts on “He Ain’t Called Weasly For Nothin’

  1. Jack, I recognize that it is liberal dogma that the Iraq war was started to make money for Halliburton, but the facts just don’t point that direction.

    The Halliburton “no bid” contracts are actually part of a contract that was let in 1997 to do work on short notice for the military “if needed.” No one has shown anything that suggests that Cheney used his influence in 2003 to get that contract in 1997. The one thing that they have come up with is that a sub-contractor, in a part of the world known for its corruption, overcharged for some gasoline. It was also shown that the Army directed Halliburton to buy that gasoline from Kuwait rather than from Turkey for reasons that had more to do with not putting all your eggs in one basket than skimming money.

  2. Not only that, but when they put that gasoline out for public bid, no other supplier offerred to sell it for less. But that may be a bit too deep into theoretical capitalistic for the poor lefties to understand. Even 1000 meters above a lake of crude petroleum, truckloads of politically correctly sourced, refined gasoline containing milspec additives can be quite expensive to deliver, especially in an area that was until very recently a war zone.

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