Some Iraqis The Democrats Can Get Behind.

Iraqi Communists Make a Comeback (

The comeback of the Iraqi Communists is one of the most remarkable political stories of the post-Hussein era. Once ruthlessly persecuted, the party has rapidly reemerged, this time as an influential, moderating force in national life.

But the message of the born-again Communists — once a textbook pro-Soviet party that spouted anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist rhetoric and followed a rigid internal hierarchy — is a call for democracy, unity, tolerance and human rights in the postwar era.

The Post knows. These Iraqis are REAL patriots.

1 thought on “Some Iraqis The Democrats Can Get Behind.

  1. Don’t kid yourself. These communists and socialists will be our ace in the hole when and if the Administration finally allows free and fair elections to be held in Iraq. They are secularists, at least, and will stand as a bulwark against any sort of Iran or Afghanistan-style theocracy.

    It is a shame on us that Bush & Co. will not allow free elections. The fear of the mullahs taking over is not well founded – because of these self-same commies. We need to have the courage of our convictions, and let the ballots fall where they may.

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