Please, Please, Don’t Hurt Us! We’ll Be Good.


Last March, after Jacques Chirac, the French President, announced that he would veto any new United Nations resolution sanctioning war against Iraq, the White House saw a chance for a different sort of victory. If a majority of the fifteen Security Council members voted for a new resolution and France vetoed it, the United States could claim that the problem was not American unilateralism but French obstructionism.

Josh Marshall, lefty blogger and writer, predictably criticized the Bush for his foreign policy and involvement in Iraq.

He slams Bush for invading Iraq without the permission of France and the Club of Dictators at the UN. I remember when Democrats complained long and loud about doing business with dictators and human rights abuses. Unfortunately that position now belongs the the wrong party. He still condemns the dictators, but chastises Bush for opposing them without the OK of our betters.

He still lauds the accomplishments of Bill Clinton. Bosnia, where the UN stood around and watched the Serbs slaughter Bosnians. The UN is still there and there is still no hint of self-rule even after eight years. Kosovo, where Clinton candidate Weasly Clark developed the masterful campaign against the Serbs. It consisted of bombing Serbia and Kososvo. When asked what he would do if that didn’t work, Clark answered, “Bomb some more.” Such sensitive, insightful leaders. Strangely enough, the “ethnic cleansing” that they were supposed to stop, didn’t start until after the bombing campaign. Then there’s Haiti. Where Clinton showed his military acumen by calling General Cedras who was talking with Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell and Sam Nunn about leaving peacefully, and telling him that the invasion was in progress. Good thing Cedras wasn’t a hostage taking kind of bad guy. In fact, It’s now wondered if Cedras was any worse than Aristide. Of course, replacing a dictator with another dictator is fine, as long as the networks news doesn’t tell anyone. In Somalia, Clinton decided to move from guarding the food convoys, to rebuilding a nation. On the cheap. This little bit of cowboy action cost 18 soldiers their lives. And provided inspiration to our friend Osama Bin Laden.

Apparently, these were all victories, thrown away by that ignoramus George W, Bush.

In Josh’s world, Sep 11 was a good time for America to take stock of its flaws and apologize to the world. We had their sympathy then and could have capitalized on that by admitting our hubris to the world and withdrawing behind our borders. I guess he thinks we should keep apologizing until the attacks stop.

It’s a strange world Mr. Marshall lives in. He thinks that the bin Ladens and Husseins of the world can be mollified. If we are just nice enough and pay them enough, they will see the folly of their ways and deal with us in an honorable manner.

Read the column. He does have at least one good idea. That is that America should withdraw from the IMF and the World Bank. Quit subsidizing dictators and fools. When Mexico or Argentina’s economy tanks, don’t step in. Let them go bankrupt.

That’s one idea I can get behind.