Ralph Peters Comes To The Same Conclusion I Did.


When reality bites back, Congress always howls for better intelligence. But it doesn’t fund the recruitment, training and retention of the people required to deliver it. When the chips are down, the money goes to the defense industry yet again. The system is broken; only a profound, talent-oriented revolution can fix it – and that isn’t likely to happen.

Only Congress can help. And Congress won’t.

A couple of day ago I wrote about this. The problem has been going on for a long time. It has been exacerbated by grandstanding politicians in Congress and in the Clinton administration. There’s no way the Democrats are going to allow a true evaluation because it would show that their policies and constant complaining have weakened the Intelligence community to the point where it can no longer accurately evaluate the danger from the rest of the world.

Remember, if the Intelligence agencies can’t tell when there is danger, they can’t tell when there’s not, either. While they got the information about Iraq’s WMD program wrong, they also failed to detect Libya’s program. So which do you prefer? Too much caution, or not enough?