Geez, Another One.

Albany man killed in crash on Hwy 20

I just changed to swing shift (2PM-10PM) and took today off so I would have missed this.

This guy is the sixth traffic fatality in Linn County in a little over a week. We had the three young people who died in a crash near Sweet Home last weekend, the elderly man that pulled out in front of another car on Hwy 34, the elderly lady killed in another crash on Hwy 34 near Lebanon and now this one on Hwy 20. I was only on duty for the second one.

I’ve been dispatching for fourteen years and I cannot remember any time when we have had this many fatal crashes in such a short time. What makes it more incredible is that all of these crashes occured during good weather, though it did rain this morning and that might have had some effect on the one today.