No Job After FOUR Years? – NewsFlash

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Rosaura Navarro picked strawberries in the fields near Watsonville until she wrenched her back and leg while lifting the baskets of fruit four years ago.

Back injuries are notoriously hard to diagnose, and Navarro says doctors could not pinpoint the source of her pain. Nevertheless, the 30-year-old woman has been getting $110 a week in workers’ comp instead of the $420 she made picking crops.

I know they have retraining aid available. Are you telling me that in four years she has not managed to find something she can do?

Schwarzenegger wants to require doctors to use “objective medical findings” to determine if an employee has a work-related injury. Injuries would have to be “reproducible, measurable or observable.” He also wants to require employees to show that a cumulative injury — one that develops over time — was substantially caused by work.

What? Do you mean Doctors will have to actually make a diagnosis that they can back up with facts? And limiting Workmans Comp claims to injuries actually caused by work?

How terribly unfair.