Homo Superiorus Americanus

There is an attitude loose in the western world. It shows up mostly the left. It is loose in the U.S. and it is loose in Europe. It is even seen in the Third world. What is it? What the hell am I talking about?

It is the attitude that says that as Americans (and in a lesser sense Europeans)that we are responsible for the well being of all the other peoples of the world. What could be wrong with that? We have so much more, shouldn’t we give more? When we develop new medicines shouldn’t we give them to the less fortunate of the world? The answer is Yes and No. Yes, we should give some help. To do less is to be inhuman. No, giving them too much help, too many handouts, just convince them (and us) that they are lesser beings. This shows in exchanges such as this one on Politically Incorrect

Bill: When they brought that war home to us, we got involved.

Shakara: Exactly. That’s when we got involved. Not a second before. What about when the Africans were slaughtering each other? They were begging for help. America did not get involved. They wanted nothing to do with it.

Betsy: We gave extraordinary amounts of money to Africa. What about when it comes to countries like the Sudan that people, where you have all kinds of slavery and horrible situations, the people that are preventing that kind of greater generosities are actually black Americans in Congress who don’t wanna admit that there are some ugly black-on-black crimes going on in countries like the Sudan? So there’s all kinds of political corruption that’s going on, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Americans are the most generous people in the history of the world. Our government gives extraordinary amounts of foreign aid, and we still have people saying it’s not enough when they won’t change their own government.

The not so subtle inference here is that the Africans are incapable of doing anything without outside help. This includes stopping a slaughter. Why? Are the Africans too lazy, stupid, or uncaring to stop a massacre happening on their own continent? The Vietnamese stepped in and stopped the Cambodian holocaust with no western help at all. In fact, they were under an U.S. lead trade embargo at the time. Are the Vietnamese superior to Africans? About now you have me pegged as a racist. I certainly don’t consider myself one, nor does my Thai wife. (Yeah, some of my best friends…..) The point I am trying to make is that every one of the people in the world (with obvious exceptions) is just as capable as an American is. They are not slightly retarded Americans. They are not intelligent pets. They are people. They are not like us and they are not different from us. They are people. They should be held to no greater or lesser expectations and standards as anyone else. The world should not look at them and say “We have to help”. The world should look and say “We want to help” but you have to do the major part. If you want to be victims of the next power hungry nut that comes along, go right ahead. We lost 30 thousand men and still did not manage to dislodge the power hungry nut in North Korea. You expect more? Sorry. It’s your country, your leaders, your continent. Freedom and prosperity is not going to fall from the sky not is it going to be delivered by U.S. Air Force airplanes. Peace and plenty are not commodities that can be doled out by outsiders however well meaning.

In other words “third world” it’s time to grow up. If you want to take your rightful place in the world it is entirely up to you. And you Americans, you need to get on with your lives. By all means help the people of the the third world., buy their products, go visit and leave money, encourage them to make their countries better places, but get off your horse. You are not going to save them. You are not even going to make their lives appreciably better. They are and they have too. The sooner they get off their posteriors and get to work the better. They have the knowledge. Thousands of people have been educated in the west. They have the resources, South Africa and Rhodesia were among the wealthiest in the world. All you need now is the will.