You Gotta Be Kidding!

Web Amplifies Message of Primitive Executions

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Kenneth McGuire, who oversees the cyber-crime squad in Los Angeles, says that disseminating video of such violent acts over the Internet is a new form of cyber-terrorism one proving difficult to contain.

Do I understand this correctly? Does the FBI think that it is a form of terrorism to show the acts of vicious terrorists? Are we only supposed to wallow in self-flagellation over things like Abu Ghraib (28 straight days on the NYT front page) but gloss over the deeds of those trying to kill us?

The first time she felt numb. The second time she cried. Lillian Glass, a Beverly Hills psychologist, was stunned at the barbarity of terrorists beheading their hostages, right there on her computer screen. Equally surprising was how easily she found the video online.

“You can’t imagine anything worse,” she says. “Right now, they’re coming into your home. It’s like they’re using technology as a vehicle for war.”

Gee, a Beverly Hills psychologist, just who I would go to to find out what regular people think.

Not only that, SHE WENT LOOKING FOR THE VIDEO! If you go looking for something, don’t complain when you find it. Twice, I take it. Boo Fng Hoo.

Any news stories containing graphic violence including the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Iraq, and the attacks on four American civilians in Fallouja prompt an “astronomical” spike in photo and video viewing online, says Michael Sims, news director for

In recent months, he says, “we’ve really been forced to sit down and talk through the issues and decide for ourselves where the lines are. To tell the story, not sugarcoat it, but not be offensive.”

There was no such soul searching when the Abu Ghraib pictures came out. That story would undermine support for the war and hurt Bush. They had no problem with that. But when the beheading video came out, that was a problem. That was like the footage of people jumping from the WTC, it was likely to arouse emotions counter to what they wanted. So, it was decided that the videos would be censored.

So much for their vaunted commitment to the First Amendment.

Now they complain because the videos showed up on the Internet. Boo Hoo. Start reporting the news instead of “managing” the news. Then you won’t get bypassed.

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  1. John, thanks for this post. I found your great site thanks to your post about No One Asked Us. I’ve kept in touch with the author and he’s a great sounding board.

    But back to your post and my non-indexed page on the same subject: You Gotta Be Kidding! I hope you and your reads will offer some feedback on how best to present this to mature audience. Please be careful if the children are around when you open this link. Do I think they shouldn’t see it? No, but parents should set the stage if they feel their youngsters are old enough to handle the brutal truth.

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