France Uses NATO Veto To Help Taliban Regain Power

France vetoes Afghan mission – The Washington Times: World – June 30, 2004

France yesterday blocked a U.S.-backed plan to use a special NATO force to safeguard elections in Afghanistan this fall, despite a plea from Afghan leaders that the troops are badly needed.

The Afghanistan mission was vetoed despite a direct plea from Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who said continuing violence by Islamic fundamentalist forces in the country was a threat to the fledgling democratic government.

While President Bush in recent days has talked up trans-Atlantic unity and praised the early transfer of sovereignty in Iraq, Mr. Chirac has pointedly criticized U.S. positions on Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We are friends [of the United States], we are allies,” Mr. Chirac said in the Turkish city, “but we are not servants.”

France has not mattered in the world for many years. They have a 5th rate military, a 5th rate economy and their wines are over-priced and over rated. In Afghanistan, they wanted to play the prima donna, picking and choosing which missions they would participate in. Every American force that has worked along side them has rated them in the third-world range as far as military forces go. Their mightiest naval vessel is the aircraft carrier De Gaulle, which is a ship built with the primary purpose of providing jobs to incompetents and it shows. The De Gaulle broke down on her maiden voyage and has never been able to complete an actual mission.

The only part of her military that does work is the part that is not French, the Foreign Legion. That should tell you something.

They are a pimple on the butt of the civilized world and should be happy that they’re not lanced.

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