Whites Always Guilty, says researcher

Study Examines Stereotypes of Light, Dark-Skinned Blacks

Among black males, 55 percent listed “poor” as a characteristic of dark-skinned blacks; 27.5 percent listed it for light-skinned blacks. Among white males, 45.2 percent used “poor” for dark-skinned blacks, compared with 28.6 percent for light-skinned blacks.

The differences in that category were even more dramatic for women.

Among black women, 67.5 percent listed “poor” for dark-skinned blacks, as opposed to 20 percent for light-skinned blacks. For white women, 50 percent associated “poor” with dark-skinned blacks and 14.3 percent for light-skinned blacks.

The study breaks new ground because it addresses skin tone bias among whites, said Kendrick Brown, a psychology professor at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn., who is researching the same topic.