Kerry Supporters Protest Free Speech

Protesters at Home of Swift Boat Backer

NASSAU BAY, Texas – Nearly 40 protesters gathered Saturday at the home of the chief financial backer of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, whose ads criticize Democrat John Kerry’s military record.

Kerry supporters seem to have a problem with the whole Free Speech thing. They scream “censorship” when anybody challenges their views and go to extraordinary lengths to destroy anyone who dissents to their view.

They have gone all out here in Oregon, with the state’s largest daily newspaper taking up their cause. The Oregonian got a “tip” from somewhere that Al French, a Swiftboat Veteran that appeared in their first ad and an assistant DA for Clackamas County, had an extra-marital affair with someone in his office. The affair happened about ten years ago, but was good enough for a front page story. They have also printed criticism of French from local veterans without revealing that the veterans were Kerry supporters.

So the protests in Texas are no surprise. It is the Democrat political machine at work. I would be surprised if most or all of the protesters were from elsewhere and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were members of one of the Democrat 527’s brought in especially for the protest. One of the Democrats strengths is their ability to round up a mob at a moments notice.

Kerry supporters chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, your stinkin’ ad has got to go.”

Oh, come on! Can’t you come up with some new material? This “hey, hey, ho, ho” crap is from the Vietnam protests. Talk about being hung up on the past.

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