Democrats Seem To Have A Problem With That Whole “Time” Thing.

Betsy Newmark notes the story that the Democrats are shopping around about one of their own, former Texas Lt. Governor Ben Barnes saying on a video that he helped George W. Bush jump ahead of others to get in the Texas Air National Guard. The problem is, he didn’t become Lt. Governor until after Bush joined the guard. Kind of like Kerry remembering Nixon making statements about Cambodia when he wasn’t President yet.

A commenter to her post even provides a link to a story from CNN during the 2000 campaign that says that

” . . . the Dallas Morning News, which also looked into Bush’s military record, reported that while Bush’s unit in Texas had a waiting list for many spots, he was accepted because he was one of a handful of applicants willing and qualified to spend more than a year in active training flying F-102 jets.”

That was then and this is now. The Kerry campaign wants “do-overs” on material that didn’t work for Gore.

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