Kerry’s “Plan” For Iran

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – If elected U.S. president, Sen. John Kerry would offer Iran a deal allowing it to keep its nuclear power plants if it gave up the right to retain bomb-making nuclear fuel, said Kerry’s vice presidential running mate in an interview published on Monday.

That worked so well with North Korea didn’t it? And if they tell you to go piss up a rope, as they surely will, what is Plan B?

If Iran rejected this proposal, Kerry would ensure European allies were prepared to join the United States in imposing strict sanctions against Iran, said Edwards.

Wow! Plan A is a repeat of a strategy that didn’t work in Korea and Plan B is a repeat of a plan that didn’t work in Iraq. This policy will surely be a big hit with France, Germany and Russia. It would breath new life into their sanction evading industry. Maybe Kerry can get a Oil-for-Food program going so the UN diplomats could reprise their money skimming roles. Everybody would be happy.

What genius. It’s a good thing Kerry is so much smarter than Bush.

This election is not between Kerry and Bush, the election is between Sept 10 and Sept 12.

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