Iraq Veteran: Iraqis “Stifled” By America

200,000 in N.Y. Protest Bush (

Kelly Doughtery, who walked between the broad shoulders of her male comrades, had returned from Iraq in February, after serving a year with the military police. She came here from Colorado.

“I saw that people were hoping their lives would improve, and we didn’t allow that,” she said. “When you invade and occupy a country, it stifles people’s ability to help themselves.”

Hmmm. There are at least 300,000 people in mass graves in Iraq that attempted to “help themselves”. That is much more “stifling” than anything the Americans did.

In Kelly’s world, some people want to have murderous dictators that will torture and kill them if they show any signs of disagreement. It’s a lifestyle choice and is no business of the United States.

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