Portland: Envirnmental Regs For Thee, Not For Me

Seek cash for Big Pipe, board advises Portland

“The PURB believes that Portland customers alone cannot shoulder what is most recently estimated to be a $1.4 billion (sewer overflow) price tag — or anything approaching this amount — any longer,” the review board’s memo said.

The environment movement’s support in Oregon, like most places is clustered mainly in urban area. In the case of Oregon, this means Portland. For years they have supported ever-growing restrictions on logging, farming and any use of land other than leaving it untouched. This has had a disastrous effect on rural Oregon. The unemployment in Oregon has been the worst in the nation or close to it, for years. Especially in rural Oregon. This is due largely to “environmentally sensitive” policies coming out of Portland.

All the while, the protectors of the environment have been pouring raw sewage into the Willamette River every time it rains.

They have been directed by the Feds to clean it up, which resulted in “big pipe” a project to upgrade the sewer system to prevent pollution.

So what does the environmentally conscious city do now? They decide to fight the regulations while looking for someone else to stick with the bill.

I guess they’re only “environmentally sensitive” when someone else pays the price.

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