Kerry’s Old Buddies Still Around

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti- Imperialist is part of a network of anti-imperialist veterans who are proud of our resistance to U.S. aggression around the world. In the 1970s, to be a Vietnam veteran was to be against the war. That proud legacy must be carried forward into the new millennium. As veterans, we have been to the edge and seen the viciousness of Amerikkka unmasked. We have no doubt that the bastards who sent us to war will use their nuclear arsenal, along with unspeakably cruel conventional weapons, to maintain their empire, And now, with their war and occupation of Iraq and their so-called war on terrorism, do you?

Seeing America spelled with three K’s just takes you back to the good old days, doesn’t it?

I wonder if anyone has told these fools that Abby Hoffman is dead, Jane Fonda has apologized and Vietnam has moved toward Capitalism by hiring John Kerry’s cousin. Maybe these guys can take a trip to Cambodia and tell the stacks of bones how lucky they are to have missed being exploited by America. Maybe they could visit the mass graves in Iraq and explain to their relatives how much better things were with Saddam in charge.

Maybe someone should hand these people a calender. The Vietnam War is over, thanks in large part to the efforts of people like them. Peace did not break out after the Americans left, hundreds of thousands were executed in Vietnam, thousands of others were imprisoned in conditions much worse than Abu Ghraib, and the plans of the communist leaders in Cambodia resulted in the worst orgy of slaughter and human rights abuse since the Nazi death camps. But none of that matters, because it was not AmeriKKKa that did it.

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