A Distraction From Terror?

It seems to be an article of faith in anti-war circles, or at least, some anti-war circles that Iraq is a distraction from the War on Terror. To hear them tell it, it would seem that there is only one group of terrorists in the world and Osama bin Laden is their leader. If we capture bin Laden, then the rest will give up, go home and take up making native handicrafts to sell to tourists.

What planet are they living on?

The Washington Post has a front page article on Abu Musab Zarqawi, al Qaeda’s man in Iraq, the man responsible for the murder by beheading of several civilians. If he were not an Arab, he would be considered a war criminal, but he is, and for Arabs the normal standards of civilization do not apply. But he is opposing America, that makes him an “insurgent.” The article trying to make the case that Zarqawi was somehow created by the American invasion of Iraq. But he was there before that and would not have disappeared no matter what happened to Osama. They also try to make the case that his primary goal is the overthrow of the Jordanian government. I guess in that case, we can rest easy, it’s OK to overthrow the Jordanians, they’re not Americans.

Zarqawi is not an honorable opponent and should not be admired as one. His preferred method of committing atrocities against civilians should make him a pariah, but the standards in the Arab world are not those of the civilized world, the standards of the Arab world are those of 7th Century savages.

This is why we must prevail. The Romans let the barbarians best them, and the world suffered. We must not do the same.

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