1 thought on “It’s Tough Keeping Track Of All Those Secret Plans

  1. Respected Brother

    It is stated that I am married man and 35 years of age, And having 2 school going children and I am only supporter of my family my wife is disabled and she is using artificial leg. Its my desire to make for my wife quality artificial leg so that she can walk
    I am jobless from last 2 years. I am not getting any job and because of this jobless condition I am facing my health problem .I got to know after ultra sound about my kidneys that my left kidney is actopic not placed in normal position and my left kidney is smaller in size and it have cyst on it and I need to operate this but under these financial crises I am not able to operate it.. I am taking anti-depression treatment from specialist and which money needs for my children school fees and meal I am spending it for my medicine.
    We donít have 2-time meal for our children and donít have any source of income.
    Dear Brother what crises I am facing Allah knows and my heart. Brother every one in this society ignoring me and I am very hopeless and pray to Allah that I get job to support my family and fight against all these crises and hardships and get rid from my depression.

    Being a Human being I need your attention and please help me financially so that I fight against all these crises.
    I pray for your long life and good health in my prayers to God. May God gives you everything which you desire.
    Yours brother Shakeel
    Peshawar city.
    mobile number .923005905472

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