Ruling A Defeat For Common Sense

Does part of the preparation for taking a seat on the Oregon Court of Appeals involve having your brains sucked out and replaced by sawdust?

That is the only explanation that I can come up with for this ridiculous ruling.

Ruling a victory for protesters

In a victory for political protesters, the Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday struck down a state law that makes it a crime to disobey a police officer.

The court said the law was unconstitutionally broad because police could use it against people who are lawfully attending a political rally.

Note that the ruling was because the law could be used against lawful protesters. Not “was used” but “could be used”. There are a lot of powers given to various agencies other than police that “could be” used against others for purposes other than what they were intended. Are they going to strike down every law that grants a power that “could” be used against otherwise law abiding citizens?

The Oregonian celebrates this as a victory for protesters, but it also greatly restricts the ability for the police to deal with rowdy partiers and obnoxious drunks. Remember that when you are whining for the police to “do something”.

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