Another Myth Is Born

One of the things you can be sure of is that in any situation the MSM will find something about it that can be used to hammer President Bush. That has been true in every situation since his first inauguration. From the seven minutes reading to school children on Sept 11 to the “sixteen words” that turned out to be accurate after all, the press has been anxious to foment the impression of incomptetance or maliciousmess on the President’s part with no consideration given to the truth of the matter.

Washington > In Efforts to Organize Aid, Powell and Governor Bush Will Tour Ravaged Areas” href=””>In Efforts to Organize Aid, Powell and Governor Bush Will Tour Ravaged Areas

The decision to send Mr. Powell and Governor Bush, President Bush’s brother, was seen by administration officials as likely to help defuse whatever hurt feelings there might be in Asia that the president was slow to respond, at least compared with how quickly many other nations reacted to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The disaster in South Asia is no exception. The story now is that President Bush was somehow “slow” to react to the tragedy. This is based largely on the idea that he should have immediately gone on TV to “feel their pain”.

Notice the careful wording of the criticism, that President Bush was slow to respond compared to other nations’ response to 9/11. What exactly did those nations do for us on 9/11 except offer lip service? There is a lot more to marshalling actual relief to disaster victims than going on TV and spouting platitudes. Any assistance to America afer 9/11 was token and superflorous. The assistance, minimal as it was, was accepted more with an eye to not hurting the feelings of other nations than any actual need. The comparison is bogus, but as the MSM has shown time and again, that is no impediment when criticising President Bush.

Actually America’s response started as soon as the information was received. The U.S. government does not sit around with their thumbs up their ass waiting for someone direct them to do something. Plans are in place and responsiblity is delegated. Whether the President is is Washington D.C., Crawford, Texas or Martha’s Vineyard makes no difference, someone is on duty and someone initiates action.

The complaints about the President’s response is not because of anything that was done or not done. It is just small minded carping by disgruntled reporters angry at their decreasing importance in the world.

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