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Justice Thomas Reports Wealth of Gifts

The LA Times breathlessly reports that Justice Clarence Thomas received $42,000 in gifts since joining the high court, much more than any other justice. The Times of course sees dark forces at work.

But if you read the entire story, you find that the majority of that seeming inordinate amount of gifts is contained in just two items, one a “$19,000 Bible from Republican donor”. I guess the political affiliation of the donor is important, if it had been from a Democrat donor, would that have made it more acceptable? The other gift is a $15,000 Lincoln bust from the American Enterprise Institute.

The bible belonged to that well known radical Fredrick Douglass and was presented to him by a friend who, the Times reports ominously, donated to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. Disturbingly, Thomas has also collect such obvious bribes as a hundred dollars worth of cigars from Rush Limbaugh. The horror!

It would seem that the LA Times piece is just another glop pf advocacy journalism intended to spin up blue state voters with its mention of reliably hot button people like Rush Limbaugh and groups like the Swiftvets. It will most likely achieve its desired results, but is just cements the Times reputation as a mere supermarket tabloid for liberal partisans rather than a reliable news reporter.

You can keep up with the hilarious misadventures of the LA Times staff as they try to convince their readers that they are too, a real newspaper. Just read Patterico’s Pontifications. Here is his LA Times year-in-review for 2004. Part I and Part II

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