America Bashing By CNN

Neal Boortz notices that our media, in this case CNN, will bend over backwards in order to bash America and by extension President Bush. Nealz Nuze December 30, 2004

In the meantime, certain people aren’t missing the opportunity to use this disaster to attack the United States and President Bush. CNN was carrying a video clip yesterday showing a disaster survivor screaming “Please tell the world, where is America?”

The yesterday referred to was Wednesday, December 29th, the survivor had no idea what American had or hadn’t done. He was just running his mouth. On the other hand there are the “journalists” that brought this scene to us.

Realize that nothing, absolutely nothing, happens on TV naturally. Everything is staged, even “live” reports. I’ve been around enough of them to know that for sure. On top of that, in this “target-rich” environment of survivors, all of whom, it can be assumed, would be more than happy to be on TV (it’s some kind of sickness). Out of all these people, the “journalist” picks this one, the one that is shouting bad things about America.

After that, back at the studios, a producer has to pick that particular piece of video, out of literally thousands of other videos, to show on the news program. That kind of eliminates any idea that it was somehow “spontaneous”.

Always remember, when you see something on TV that affects you greatly, in any manner, someone put that on the screen in order to elicit that exact response. You are being manipulated.

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