And You Thought The FEC Was Bad?

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BANGKOK: — PM Dr Thaksin announced today a plan to make it illegal to use the Internet while affected by liquor or a drug, or to discuss sexually explicit matters on the Internet. The proposed bill will enable the Royal Thai Police to monitor internet traffic of those who use or abuse alcohol or drugs, Dr Thaksin said. The PM was confident that bill would be passed by the parliament and said ‚ÄúThere is too much immoral activity between teenagers that begins in an internet chat room.” Adding that studies from the health ministry showed the rise in teenage pregnancies mirrored the average rise in internet use among teens in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Chonburi.

This bill follows several lately, passed by parliament to keep Thai society free from dark influences which threaten to change the culture. In recent weeks a clampdown has been ordered on high pressure water pistols as well as on advertising and promoting sexual enhancement products.

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