Portland Now Terrorist Safehaven

Joy in gallery as Portland quits FBI task force 0

Cheers tonight when the Portland City Council voted to pull out of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Many were ecstatic at the prospect of Portland becoming a safe haven for terrorists and hate groups.

The City Council voted to uphold Mayor Tom Potter’s request that the city withdraw its officers from the force unless he was given unrestricted access to information on investigations.

Potter said that he needs the information in order to insure that the task force was not directing its investigation toward the wrong people, like Muslims, illegal aliens or anyone connected with the Democratic Party.

The City’s insistence that the task force and the police department should not be talking to people unless they are investigating a crime puts Portland at the top of the list of places hospitable to terrorist and hate groups. Such groups would have a safe haven i8n the city as long as they were not directly tied to any actual crimes. Leaders and financial advisers for these groups can now operate openly in Portland without concern.

Tom just wants to give everyone a group hug.

“When we look at our history, we see examples that when we blindly give people power, that sometimes the power is misused,” Potter said. “It is in our lifetime that we have seen that. We have people sitting in that room who have felt the effects of the abuse of power.”

“I don’t think whether we stay in or out of the JTTF will determine the safety of Portland citizens. I think what will determine the safety of Portland citizens is when we work together, when we watch out for each and care for each other, that our society is safer.”

Tom hopes that someone else to take up the slack to keep Portlanders safe because he’s not going to.

And what’s this “watch out for each other” stuff? That’s what you’re refusing to do.

By your own standards city government should not be gathering any information on anybody unless they’re accused for a crime.

Come to think of it, by the standards given by those who complain about the Mayfield investigation, you should not be gathering any information about anyone unless they are guilty of a crime.

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