Liberal Journalists Create A Story

If you had any doubt about whether the White House reporters were impartial, this story ought to remove those doubts. The White House Correspondents Association was asked for routine information by the Secret Service. They saw a chance to parlay it into a story that was embarrassing to President Bush. They showed no hesitation in doing so.

Racial Data Sought for Bush Event

The Secret Service has requested racial information on journalists and guests scheduled to attend a reception tomorrow night with President Bush.

White House reporters said they were offended that after furnishing the customary information — name, date of birth and Social Security number — they were also asked for the race of each person expected to attend the small reception scheduled before the White House Correspondents’ Association’s annual dinner.

You may note that the story is by Dana Milbank who is the Washington Post’s political commissar. He has never found anything to criticize in a Democrat or to praise in a Republican. His stories might as well have been written by the DNC, and maybe they were. Chen is the representative from the LA Times. His newspaper routinely bends over backward to suck up to Democrats and bash Republicans. Both are little more than DNC smear artists.