What The Hell Is This?

National > In Rare Accord, Spurned Asylum Seeker to Get $87,500″ href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/28/national/28asylum.html?th&emc=th”>In Rare Accord, Spurned Asylum Seeker to Get $87,500

SAN FRANCISCO, April 27 – In a rare settlement, the federal government has agreed to pay $87,500 to a woman from Kenya who was denied entry into the United States even though she says she expressed fears for her life in Kenya.

The woman, Rosebell N. Munyua, was returned to Kenya by immigration officials at San Francisco International Airport in March 2001. She was admitted six months later on a tourist visa in Houston and now lives with her two daughters in Santa Rosa, Calif. She was granted political asylum in September 2002.

Does this mean that now there is an entitlement to enter the U.S. regardless of immigration status?

Her fears for her life if returned to Kenya must have been mostly imaginary since she turned up six moths later with a tourist visa. Why is she seeking asylum in the U.S. anyhow? There are several places in Europe, including Kenya’s former colonial master Britain that would gladly accept her. Let her go there.

Are we now required to grant asylum to anyone with a sob story and an airline ticket? Now every illegal headed across the Arizona border will suddenly fear for their lives if returned to Mexico.

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