So What’s Your Idea, Swift Boat Boy?

Democrats are always complaining about our dependence on foreign oil, but consistently oppose any plan to find more sources within the United States. They have said in the past that what we need to be doing is conservation, not increasing the supply.

Well, the most efficient way to make people conserve is to increase the price of fuel. For years Democrats and environmentalists have been in favor of doing that by imposing higher taxes on gasoline. But now that the market has raised the price, they are not so crazy about that idea.

Now President Bush wants to increase the number of refineries and build nuclear plants to ease the shortage of gasoline and head off shortages of electrical power.

Washington > Bush Offers Plan to Bolster Refineries and Nuclear Plants” href=””>Bush Offers Plan to Bolster Refineries and Nuclear Plants

WASHINGTON, April 27 -President Bush presented a plan on Wednesday to offer federal risk insurance to companies that build nuclear power plants and to encourage the construction of oil refineries on closed military bases in the United States.

Mr. Bush also proposed giving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the authority to choose sites for new terminals to receive liquid natural gas from overseas.

This part is so predictable.

Democrats criticized Mr. Bush’s proposals as ineffective for average consumers.

“The Republican plan won’t help the families, truckers, farmers and small businesses suffering from skyrocketing gas prices today,” Senator John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat who ran for president against Mr. Bush in 2004, said in a statement.

OK, what does he suggest? Nothing, of course. He would put out a statement opposing sunrise if Bush was for it.

They also manage to dig up a “consumer group” that no one has ever heard of that turns out of be the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a left wing lobbying group that has been lobbying against drilling in ANWR. Some “consumer group.”

A consumer group also criticized the president’s proposals.

“The president is proposing to increase refining capacity in this country ostensibly to reduce our dependence on foreign countries, yet in the same breath he is pushing for increased imports of liquefied natural gas, which will leave us more dependent on other countries,” the National Association of State Public Interest Groups, a consumer advocacy organization, said in a statement.

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