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Predictably, President Bush’s plan to remake Social Security is termed a “gamble” by the media. His proposal to have benefits for the upper income people grow more slowly than those for lower income people is painted as a “cut.”

Incredibly, many of the left are clinging to the fiction that there is no problem, that Social Security can just go on as before. I think that is a gamble.

But Democrats are heavily invested in the opposing President Bush. They cannot and will not support anything put forth by the President regardless of the facts. They believe they can do this on Social Security because it is in a slow motion collapse.

The problems with the system will not reach crisis proportions for many years. They have decided to oppose any action now in order to buy time. They are hoping for another Watergate or Iran-Contra to happen so that they might seize power again. If that happens, they can then institute everything George W. Bush is trying to do and be painted as heroes by the MSM.

If that doesn’t happen, the American people will have shown themselves to be unworthy of the Democratic Party and will deserve everything that happens.

What is most important is that the present crop of Democrat politicians will have safely left town with their princely retirements and it will be someone else’s problem.

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