“Over There” Overhyped

The reviews of Stephen Boccho’s Iraq war series “Over There” are in and it is universally panned. Not by TV critics, or war critics, but by those who are supposedly being portrayed.

The comments in Blackfive’s posting BLACKFIVE: Over There are uniformly dismissive.

Argghh’s “Over There” report provides more reactions.

It’s pretty bad. Has just about all the old war movie cliches and ALL the lefty anti-war chliches(everyone’s there because they’re screw ups or poor, or the one guy who is dumb and actually wants to be there).

From “The Middle Ground:

The characters were flat and stereotypes. The first soldier we see is a black man smoking a joint. On duty. Uh-huh. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the illusion that all over our men and women in uniform are perfect, but I am quite certain that that image is hardly typical so I suppose that first image was far too typical of post Vietnam concepts of soldiers. Then there was the last part of the episode where the soldiers are on the way to get some home made hooch and end up rolling up over an IED and wounding one. Again, so stuck in the post Vietnam genre of Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and a few other stereo type shows that attempts to portray soldiers as druggies, drunks and just guys searching for a good time while occasionally blowing off some ammo. Oh, and let’s not forget the anal, glory seeking officer that is willing to sacrifice his men for a few points and the sargent who suggests that other soldiers would be really happy if he was ‘fragged’.

Oiye! Somebody should tell Bochco and the writers that this isn’t 1971 and the desert isn’t any where near Khe Sahn.

All these comments from those who have actually been there will be ignored by the media critics and the war opponents on the news media staffs. It hits every cliche’ that the left is wedded to and does what was intended, it shows the war, the military and especially the soldiers in the worst possible light.

Boccho has made some pretty good stuff, but isn’t among them.

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