“Do More In Darfur?” And That Would Be…?

I don’t keep up on the Washington D.C. party circuit so I have no idea who Steve Roberts is, but Cokie I recognize.

She is the liberal daughter of Democrat politicians that has used her connections to get into the news business in D.C.

They have written a column calling for America to “do more” in Darfur.

And that would be…what?

They suggest that people buy green plastic bracelets or put up a banner. I suppose that hanging banners and buying bracelets might do something for Darfur, but I’m unclear on exactly what. Is the government in Khartoum going to be affected more if 10 thousand people are wearing plastic bracelets than if there are only 9 thousand? Do they have a Ministry of Bracelets keeping track of how many bracelets are sold? Is the number of banners a subject of discussion in Sudanese government meetings? Is it really affecting their decison making? How many people are saved per bracelet or banner? Two? Ten? None?

Mostly it seems like a way for people to show that they “care” without actually having to get their hands dirty. In other words it is an exercise in self-congratulation.

If people want to help in Darfur, they should take their asses to Darfur. Sitting on your butt in an affluent American neighborhood wearing a plastic bracelet made in China and a banner that you had some local high school kids make is not “doing something.”

Incredibly, a great many of the people who are complaining that we’re not doing enough in Darfur are the same people who are complaining that we’re doing anything in Iraq. How do they square their desires on one hand with their protests on the other? They don’t even try.

We are helping logistically in Darfur and unlike Iraq, we are not trying to impose “democracy.” The militias that are killing people in Darfur are made up of practitioners or the religion of peace, surely they wouldn’t want us to single them out. That would be “profiling.” What we’re doing in Darfur is exactly what they want us to be doing in Iraq.

Most of the impetus over Darfur has nothing to do with sympathy for the refugees or concern about violence. It is something that George W. Bush can be blamed for. Most likely, if Bush had put troops in Darfur, the same people would be whining as loudly about that as they are about Iraq.

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