What Will The Future Bring

Howard Kurtz has a story about the ongoing hostility between the White House and the press corps.

Sparring Between McClellan and Reporters Escalates

“There’s been an attempt to put reporters on the spot and question the motivation of reporters,” said David Gregory, NBC’s White House correspondent. “It is irritating, and I for one think it’s an attempt by the White House to change the focus from what is a legitimate question to what the talking point is. It’s an effort to cast the media as out for red meat.”

Well, if the reporters don’t like being challenged, they might consider a different line of work. The presses immunity is gone. they can expect to be challenged, for their sources to be questioned and their conclusions doubted.

What will be interesting is to see, in the increasingly unlikely event of the Democrats retaking the White House, is whether the press treats a Democratic White House as roughly as they have this one?

I think that if the President had a (D) after his name the “bulldog” press corps would be lying on their backs letting the press secretary rub their tummies.

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