If A Reporter Says It’s Raining, Look Out A Window.

Now that some time has gone by and the facts can be examined, it is plain that the major failure during Katrina was not that of the Federal government, but of the news media.

There’s a cliche in journalism, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out” but it looks like it should be changed to “if a news reporter tells you anything, check it out.” The reporting on Katrina was plagued with half-truths, assumptions and outright fabrications.

Gateway Pundit: Katrina Facts & Fiction on Racism

Reporters seem to have decided on the story prior to getting any information and let their imaginations roam freely. They wanted things to be Bush’s fault, so they reported it whether they had any facts to back it up or not. They expected blacks to act like animals, so they reported it, whether or not it was true. They expected poor people trapped in places like the Superdome and the Convention center to revert to savagery, so that is what they reported.

So a good rule would be, “If a reporter tells you it’s raining, look out a window.”

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