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Records sought by Nike could be lost

BEAVERTON — Documents Nike is suing Beaverton to see could be lost after city employees damaged a hard drive on Mayor Rob Drake’s City Hall computer, city leaders said Thursday.

Drake said the damage that occurred to his desktop computer two weeks ago was accidental.

Do you think if the positions were reversed, that Nike accidentally lost some documents that were supposed to be turned over to the City, that anyone would believe that they were ‘accidentally” erased? Have you ever tried to permanently erase files from your hard drive so that they could never be recovered? First you have to get some special software like Evidence Eliminator or MacAfee’s Quick Clean and then you have to go about it deliberately. I fail to seen how they could do it “accidentally” unless they physically smashed the hard drive.

I don’t think the judge is buying it either.

Even before the computer damage, a Washington County judge had criticized city leaders for what she said was foot-dragging and a poor record of preserving documents in the case.

I’m sure that if the Mayor runs again he will proudly point to his record, the part that hasn’t been accidentally destroyed, to boast that he is willing to take on “big business.”

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