Yes, I’m Back

As you probably know I’ve been feeling puny from a kidney stone. It eased but as far as I knew, never passed. I went in for a CT scan and got the results back today. No residual kidney stone. That’s great. I have been dreading a reoccurrence.

The CT scan did show Gall stones, but the Dr. says people live their whole lives with those with no ill effects, so we’re not going to worry about them.

Take a week off, (off the blog that is, not work) and things just fall apart. I swear, the world would stop turning if I quit pushing…or not.

Harriet Miers withdrew from her nomination to SCOTUS. I can’t say that I care one way or the other. But it does make it very clear that the next SCOTUS nominee will be someone that the Democrats will absolutely hate and that there will be a political price to be paid for any fair-weather conservatives that opposes him (or her, I hope her)

Then there is the indictment of “Scooter” Libby not for naming Valerie Plame, but for lying to a Grand Jury? Is that what this investigation was about? I thought that lying to a Grand Jury was found not to be a crime during the Clinton years. I guess that is only for high-ranking Party members.

After weeks of joyous anticipation, the anti-war crowd got their wish with the 2000 death of an American soldier in Iraq. They have been as excited as a four-year-old on the night before Christmas waiting for this. As soon as it happened they rushed to get the story on every newspaper front page and TV news report. They love dead soldiers, it’s those live ones they aren’t too crazy about.

Funny, the people that had their panties in a knot about the President “exploiting” live soldiers in a teleconference don’t seem to have any problem with exploiting dead soldiers for their own political purposes.

One rule for your and another for me, I guess.

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