Thank God For Small Favors

Sen Tom Coburn, R-OK entered an amendment that would have transfered $60 million in upgrades to Atlanta’s CDC building to funding for an AIDS drug assistance program. The Bush administration had requested and the House had approved $30 million in improvements but somehow, while in the Senate, it got bumped up to $225 million.

Coburn’s amendment would have transferred $60 million of that unrequested money from the CDC building to providing drugs to AIDS sufferers.

So, in a battle between Pork and AIDS sufferers, who won?

The amendment was defeated Votes > Roll Call Vote” href=”″>85-14.

But at least Oregon’s two Senators, Smith and Wyden, were among those few who would rather help the sick than feed at the pork trough.

Of course, they probably wouldn’t have been so generous if one of their pork projects was on the chopping block.

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